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My main deck, is this : 4 coulour land destruction . Well, in order to make a friend play standard again, i decided to gift him the deck and brew one new deck, FOR FUN purposes only .

I wasn't supposed to go there and win a single deck. Heck, i even built this half an hour before me tournament.

You might get nervous, playtest it and see that it is actually a weird deck, BUT it has some

SERIOUS potential

You MUST use all the mana. Don't leave unspent mana floating. ONLY if necessary
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Well, the side-deck i used in the tournament is the one i have in the deck right now.

First game, i won due to the Crush of Tentacles and the man lands!! i managed to stabilise the game turn 5, by casting a Burn from Within with 0 damage and a surge crush!Nissa's Renewal was the thing that kept me alive!

Second game, i sided in

2x World Breaker and 2x Kozilek's Return. Also, the Brutal Expulsions did hell of a job, keeping the Relentless Dead in exile for good .

That was a 2-0 for me, moving on.


First game , dude was prepared with some heavy creature removal. I waited to cast my reclamations and my other spells, at LEAST one round, because of the Censors . I managed to stabilise the board again with crushes, but he Fatal Pushed the creatures. I won him with Lumbering Falls... The hexproof is SICK!!!!

Second game , he sided in some more counterspells, but i was prepared too Sphinx of the Final Word and two Part the Waterveils on a Cascading Cataracts, did the job!

I had a hard time beating this deck!

First game, i lost from Torrential Gearhulks. Every time i tried to attack, this piece of machinery , kicked my arse! Not much to say. As far the removal goes, he ran 4xFatal Pushes and 3x Ruinous Path s

Second game, was a close one, but i won this with 3 life! xD i sided in Void Shatters , World Breakers and Kozilek's Returns .

Third game, i was saved dy Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger . I decided to exile two of his lands. Next turn, i cast a Burn from Within for 0 mana, to enable the surge of Crush of Tentacles, followed again by an Ulamog. Poor bastard had 4x lands, while i had 14x lands on the field! Next turn, all he got was a Servant of the Conduit That was it!! 2-1 for me :)

First game, he got mana screwed and he scooped up as soon as 4th turn i had 11 lands on the field XD

Second game, he sided in a Descend upon the Sinful and he fucked me up really hard. I wasn't ready for the delirium ascpect of the deck . I gotta do something about delirium i said :D

So, third game, i sided in Kozilek's Return and relied on Coax from the Blind Eternities ! It was an easy one from there on .Content goes here

First game i won, due to him mulling at 4 cards and having only 1 land!

Second game, i didn't wait a single moment, i sided in Sweltering Suns, kozi's returns and world breakers. I kicked out Haze of Pollen, Lightning Axes and the sphinx. He came close to beating me, but an exiled Kozilek's Return left me with 16x lands, a Commit / Memory on the grave and an 8/8 octopus. That was game two.

Game three, i got mana screwed!!! it was the funniest thing of the night. All my friends were watching the game... I began the game with 2 lands , and i had some draw engine, but i was going for the win...... I had to mulligan. I mullied to 6. NO LANDS. mullied to 5... NO LANDS! mullied to 4 NO LANDS. Lets go for the fourth game XD

Game four, was a tough one. I managed to cast a Sweltering Suns early game, but next round he had again 3 creatures on the field, ready to do some massive damage. i managed to burn 2 crearures and then i cast Kiora. He made a big mistake and went for my throat... He payed the price for this. i Managed to stabilize the board again, with a Nissa's Renewal and i ultied with kiora... It was the best feeling. Winning the final like this . One octopus got Fatal Pushed, but the other 2, finished the game!!!

Thank you all for the upvotes!


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This week, i took this deck, to a more competitive store. I just wanted to see how it performs. It sure is one helluva good deck. I played against six opponents and came in second! I only lost to a guy that was playing gruul midrange werewolves ! It was a sick deck and i really enjoyed the game .

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