My take on Kuldotha Forgemaster MUD. Originally, I had four Thran Dynamo and four Voltaic Key, but then I saw Greg Price's 12-post version and fell in love. His was identical to mine, except for the Cloudposts.

I really miss having Mishra's Factory in this list, especially with Crucible of Worlds. I want to fit them back in, but I'm already playing 25 lands.

Here is a great article on costs related to Trinisphere. I suggest reading it to understand how Trinisphere interacts with a plethora of "free" cards available in Legacy.


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Round One: Elf Combo-- 2-1
Round Two: Elf Aggro-- 2-0
Round Three: Intentional Draw-- 0-0
Top Four: Elf Aggro-- 2-1


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