Following the Origins Prerelease where my wife got the promo Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip, I helped her build a 60 card deck. However, we both enjoy playing EDH, and she had dreams of building an EDH deck for Liliana. This is the result.

It includes sac outlets in order to transform Liliana without relying on the opponent. Also has card draw because of her +2 anti-card-advantage. I also went along the line of zombie tribal with some demons and other Liliana flavour.

One of the combos I fear most in the deck: Fleshbag Marauder + Lilana's Emblem. Have the marauder sac itself repeatedly and all your opponents' creatures become yours very quickly.

The deck's goals:

1) Card draw since Liliana causes a lot of discard.

2) Seek to destroy opponents' creatures and force them to discard cards.

3) Protect Liliana with creatures and try to get her emblem.


Updates Add

Just a few new cards since summer 2017.

Razaketh, the Foulblooded and Demonlord Belzenlok fill out Liliana's demon contract holders. They both provide a bit of card draw. Torment of Hailfire was added as a nice late game play.

Removed were Gravestone, Blood Scrivener , and Demon of Wailing Agonies . All were card with abilities that were underperforming.

I think part of what the deck needs is a bit of mana base improvement. I may give it a similar treatment to Forged From Stone by adding some more fetch lands like Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse to help thin the deck. It could also have its focus improved by re-evaluating some of the discard payoff cards since they don't add to the zombie tribal or Liliana themes.

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