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The Loophole(Turn 3 Win(on occasion(usually)))

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Are you looking for a ridiculous deck, that wins on turn 3? Well, here you got one. Being loosely based of this deck($20 Cycling Deck WINS on turn 3!? (infinite combo)), this is the same thing, but a little different. This one has a small amount of game if we can't pull of the combo(even if it is the tiniest amount).

Here's the turn breakdown

Turn 1: Some sort of tapped land

Turn 2: Blasted Landscape , cast Fluctuator

Turn 3: WIN! Aka Cycle through your deck.


  1. Manamorphose- This helps fix our mana, just in case we need to cast something. Just a good card in general(this can just be replaced with another cycler, but it has some interesting things it can do).

  2. Lotus Petal- Basically the same as an Island, but again can provide other colors of mana if needed.

  3. Yes, we are playing 3 Fluctuator . Why? I think that 3 is necessary, because it can allow us to mulligan just once, and still win turn 3.


  1. With Manamorphose, you'll want to cast all 4 of them before you cast Laboratory Maniac. If you don't, you'll have no way of casting that card(this is during turn 3, of course, if you are executing the win).

  2. Having an untapped land turn 2 is very important. If you are worried about this, then run 2 copies of Lotus Petal(of course at risk of diluting the combo).

This deck was edited by myself and GabeCubed. Please add suggestions!


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