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The Lone Noble

Noble Aggro Vampires



For staters see Introducing Noble: the Format

This is another take at my single creature idea Single Attack Noble, though this deck literally is a one creature deck, save 4x Fume Spitter .

Swiftfoot Boots, Apostle's Blessing or Skeletal Grimace - to protect my Noble

Homicidal Seclusion and Rush of Blood - as game finishing cards

a scenario:

T1 - Stromkirk Noble

T2 - Furor of the Bitten and Predator's Gambit - strike for 5, get counter --> P/T=6/5

T3 - Dark Favor + Furor of the Bitten - strike for 11, get counter --> P/T=12/8

T4 - Anything - win

T3 win with Rush of Blood and Mutagenic GrowthShould i find a place for it?

I'd very much like your comments and ideas for improvement!


Mainboarding 3x Apostle's Blessing along with another Swiftfoot Boots to protect my Noble,To get the extra uncommon i removed Rush of Blood since i thought Assault Strobe was a cheaper and not to mention common solution

Thinking about taking out Fume Spitters for Pillar of Flame, hesitating because one creature still seem frightening.Markov Blademaster could seem like a more consistent noble, because i find my self waiting to throw down the Stromkirk Noble


bas1996 says... #1

Mental Misstep .......... aaaaaand it's gone

June 21, 2012 1:47 p.m.

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