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Fires over Theros: Xenagos' Revelry

Commander / EDH Aggro Competitive Midrange RG (Gruul)


Fires over Theros
Xenagos' Revelry

We've all built this deck. Let's be honest, we all did. We all had a creature-based deck with big stupid beaters. This is that deck's ultimate form. Magic in its most primitive form: An aggressive Gruul Deck with DRAGONS, DINOSAURS, BEASTS and BEATDOWN. The way it's meant to be gruul'd.

This is my first commander deck I've ever really built. Okay, my first one was a fair Momir Vig deck, which sounds ludacris to me now.I later on decided that Gruul Go Face is probably a better strategy for Fair Decks. This deck is a ton of fun to play, has some amazing draws and hits hard. This deck, in short, is:
- Versatile: We have aggro and control elements, can play the long game and the fast one quite well.

- Surprisingly Heavy: Yes, this deck loses to Path to Exile but if it connects, it hurts.

- Fun to Play: While it may seem like a linear deck, it's still a lot of fun to play. Yeah, if UW Control is the Wine and Cheese of Magic, this deck is a solid American Pizza followed by some Oreo-filled chocolate, but that's more fun a lot of the times, if you're honest.

- Extremely Resilient: Each single creature can win the game on its own. For a deck with RG, we are shockingly versatile in the draw and card advantage section. We have control elements and our commander is ridiculously hard to get rid of. Nice.

- Impressively Redundant: All cards in this deck do the same thing. It's very strong against discard and such nonsense. This deck plays almost no cards that do nothing if your board gets swept other than the draw-effects that require creatures. I've designed the creature selection such that they all are evasive and I don't need to waste card slots on things that give my beatsticks trample or flying or haste.

Notable Non-Inclusions:
Savage Ventmaw : While combos with Aggravated Assault or Hellkite Charger are super powerful when they come together they're not very good when they don't. For one, they're way too easy to break ("Dies to Path"), but more importantly, I'm not playing tutors other than Tooth and Nail and Ventmaw is just dead meat if you draw it on its own. I have no cards like Brainstorm or anything to get rid of it, unless I happen to have a Sylvan Library and a fetch land. Having an fragile combo that I can't even tutor up isn't worth it.
Quicksilver Amulet : This card is pretty good for certain decks, mine isn't one of those. I do not want to overcommit into the board-wipes. And yes, it makes shit uncountable but... I really don't think that's too important. If I was worried about counter spells, I'd run different options like Spellbreaker Behemoth or Rythmn of the Wild.
Rythmn of the Wild, Spellbreaker Behemoth and similar: I don't play these for meta reasons. If your LGS meta makes these more valuable than having cards like Star of Extinction or something like that, feel free to swap accordingly.
Malignus : Malignus doesn't have trample. I can't afford to play a card that gets blocked by a 1/1 soldier token.
Mage Slayer : This card is a bit on the win more end of things. It is absurd when it comes together, but when it comes together, this deck hurts anyways.


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