Hi, this is a variation of ninjathenick's deck. It is updated for Amonkhet. I will show you what my deck does, what changes I made in regard to Ninja's deck and why, and what I want the deck to do, so criticisms and advice are much appreciated!

infinite mill: Greenbelt Rampager, minister of inquiries, paradox engine, servant of the counduit

infinite draw: greenbelt rampager, lifecrafter's beastiary, servant of the counduit, 1 mana rock (loam dryad, cryptolith rites and creature/ Rishkar, peema renegade), paradox engine

infinite damage: greenbelt rampager, paradox engine, mana rock, consulate turret

changes compared to ninja

-1 paradox engine; you only need 1 and you get it pretty quick with digging. Makes an extra spot for more mana and creatures.

-3 duskwatch recruiter; don't like it. Merchant's dockhand goes off surprisingly well often and it costs 1 mana, and can be found by glint-nest crane. It also finds things other than creatures.

-2 spontaneous artist, +2 reckless bushwhacker; spontaneous artist gave people haste and was an energy sink for greenbelt rampager (along with a mana rock, in place of servant of the conduit for combos). I prefer reckless bushwhacker because it is cheaper to cast making it easier to draw off lifecrafter's beastiary, activates creatures with summoning sickness, and acts as a creature rush wincon.

+2 consulate turret; alternate wincon, can be found with glint-nest crane, and works with merchant's dockhand.

+1 merchant's dockhand; it is great in this deck.

+1 glint-nest crane; It's good for grabbing the combo pieces, and it can extend combos with lifecrafter's beastiary when it pulls ornithopter or merchant's dockhand. It is also the only thing that stalls flying threats like HoK.

sideboard the sideboard plan is similar, having thought-knot seer being a biggie that takes the sweeper out of http heir hands or other threats, and reality smasher being a game ending threat. These are generally in place of combo pieces. My changes:

-4 authority of have consuls, +3 manglehorn; this switch keeps a creature theme, has artifact hate and still stops saheeli combo.

-2. Aethersphere harvester, +3 worldbreaker; part of the sideboard plan of biggies, it can exile problems and also provides blocks against flying.

-1 spire of industry, +1 nissa, steward of elements; I should probably sideboard a land, but she's so pretty.

maybeboard so how the deck is now, it is straight geared to getting a combo to go off for the kill (main deck). What would be cool if there were adjustments that could Keep the combo pieces (4 paradox engines and lifecrafter's beastiary) while bringing in green stomp, so the creatures can be more threatening before the combo idea was having people


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