Casual multiplayer deck that is all about lying. The deck theme is "Group Hug" centered around the "Spirit of EDH" that is often touted on the Internet. With this deck nobody loses and nobody wins. It features the mascot of the format Solemn Simulacrum and is all about contradictions and lies.

If you want to be a good liar you need to start with truth, so when you bring out this deck say:

  • "Although the deck is five colors its very casual. I don't have any dual lands or shock lands and my two fetches only find basics. I only have 4 lands that can produce more than one color. Lets have some fun!"

Now that the foundation of truth is established its time to start lying. Say the following during the game:

  • "Because I only have basics, all the cards in my deck, aside from Karona, False God of course, have only 1 colored mana symbol! Isn't that neat?" This is not true, though, as your win condition Divine Intervention has two colored mana symbols.

  • "Its hard to find powerful cards that have only one 1 mana symbol!" Well, except for Demonic Tutor and Wheel of Fortune...

  • "I didn't add dual lands or shock lands because they are too expensive!" But you have Imperial Seal and Timetwister...

Ideally you want to ramp hard and have a mana doubling card like Mana Flare out so that you can setup your defenses and drop your win condition in one turn; Divine Intervention + Greater Auramancy + Solitary Confinement with Swan Song and Constant Mists in the hand for backup.

Your alternate win condition is Karona, False God with Earnest Fellowship so she can swing through almost all defenses. If you choose "Avatar" when she attacks it only takes three swings to take someone out with Commander Damage. Hey! Since everyone gets the option to swing with Karona, False God on their turn, in one round you and two opponents could take out another player in a four person game!

Fun Fact: All of the cards that disrupt your opponent give them something in return; life, card draw, a token, or a chance to flip something off the top of their deck. See? This deck is all about helping. Don't you believe me?


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