Hello Everyone... I haven't updated this deck in over a year :3 This is an old standard decklist that won me many thingers, and is mah baby.

I'm not terribly interested in modern, but It would definitely be something like this. If you have suggestions for Modern, please leave me some notes so I can get into it!

I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY INPUT YOU HAVE TO OFFER WHEN IT COMES TO A FINISHER. (a finisher is something to play to end the game, or get the game within a winable striking distance. Hellrider is a good example)





T1: Cavern of Souls or a shockland with white and red/green, play Champion of the Parish

T2: play any land that produces red or green, play Burning-Tree Emissary . Add RG to pool... use R to cast Infernal Plunge , add RRR to pool.

with RRRG in the pool, use RR to cast another Burning-Tree Emissary , adding RG to your pool. Now you have RRGG.

with your RRGG, use both G's for two Giant Growth, and use RR for the new "ARMED" split card:


Champion of the Parish gets +2 for 2 humans coming into play... +6 for two Giant Growths and +1 for "ARMED". He is now a 10/10 with double strike... Good Game.


Welcome to my Naya Human Aggro deck. Yes, I am saying it is mine, because I've run, and studied this exact typology since innistrad. All my evidence and strategy has been derived from playtesting in tournaments and friends. This is my deck. I made it. I copied no one. I am not going to copyright it, because if it does well, some other slap-job yokle will say they made it first. I don't care about that, I'm just stating here and now, this is my deck. Gatecrash version completed upon on the release of Gatecrash.

The Kessig Township is my signature deck, and the one i work the most diligently on. I am attempting to change the face of aggro, to try and deviate from the commonplace of "zombie aggro" or "RDW". There are OTHER ways to play aggro, faster ways. Can your zombie deck win on turn 3? No?

The deck has morphed from the old meta, "haunted humans" which originally piqued my interest. However... as stubborn as i am, i didn't want to play it. So i brought green in the mix, and discovered, with the new sets, that green/white was a spectacular mix. Time moved forward, games were won, and lost, and then the random discovery of Thatcher Revolt and the power of Lightning Mauler.

Basically, the human, Champion of the Parish is the best 1-drop in standard right now. As far as creatures are concerned. Sure, Grave Crawler is spectacular, Stromkirk Noble as well for their respected typologies. But for my human deck... Champion of the Parish is a BEAST when tuned correctly. He can block. He can get bigger than Stromkirk Noble, and faster. So how do i exploit this? My deck is pretty much centralized around the concept of making him as big as possible, while still having other things to keep the pain flowing. Because, lets face it... every enemy is going to try and kill Champion of the Parish ASAP. They have to... or they lose.


Cards like Thatcher Revolt, and cheap humans like Lightning Mauler, Mayor of Avabruck  , and even Thalia, Guardian of Thraben were all essential to my attack strategy. However... that involved using 3 colors. Not very easy, for an aggro deck, even with Cavern of Souls. You'll need to have all 3 of your mana by turn 3... or else you wont keep any kind of momentum, and usually fall short.

HOWEVER. THE GATECRASH EXPANSION IS HERE. I have access to ALL THE DUALS and ALL THE SHOCK LANDS. This deck has become unlocked with boros and gruul, and now the options are seemingly endless. There are so many different ways to run humans. Aggro, midrange, control, frites... There are probably more than a few ways to run an aggro deck with humans right now... however, mine is the fastest. Yes. It is the fastest. I assembled the combination of cards to win on turn 3, while still maintaining enough of a threat the bypass and kind of interruption.

here is a turn 3 win

1, Champion of the Parish -

2 Burning-Tree Emissary , Lightning Mauler, pair, swing 7

3, Thatcher Revolt, swing 13 - win

(granted... this is testing in a vacuum, but with a lot of the decks out there, how many are using their turn 1 and 2 to do nothing and Farseek respectively.)

Alt:Text Alt:Text


They deck still has a bunch of testing to be done, now that gatecrash is here, and the value of certain cards is yet to be determined. There will be times when this deck is stopped, because of key removal. However, finding ways around it are still being developed. There is no deck in standard right now that just "never loses". While there are some that are REALLY close to perfect, nothing is.

My goal... for this deck typology, is to change the meta. I want to create a new aggro deck that makes people notice it. Makes people prepare for it, makes people fear it. There are several ways this deck can turn out a turn 3 win, the one above is just the easiest. However... turn 4 is the most common win during playtesting, which is still really fast. My card shop knows about this deck, and usually complain every time they have to play me. Its a good start, but maybe through this community, there is a way to spread the idea.

This deck is not flawless, so please keep your insulting comments to yourself. I've had enough ignorant people claim that this deck doesn't work, but it does. I have records below, some developed, some just records, but now with GATECRASH, and the full potential of this deck unlocked, i intend to keep play-by-play documentary on how it works. So i can list out my decisions, and hopefully get feedback on how to play even better.

Now i leave it to you. Please take a look at this deck, and consider its Potentials, Weaknesses, and Strengths.

Please leave a comment or a suggestion below. I want to know what the community thinks. I am open to any constructive criticism... if it is appropriate.

Playing Dates / Records

NOTE: For dates older than gatecrash, the deck had to be standard, so the deck you see now is not the deck that won/lost at those times. If you're curious about what i ran on a previous date, just ask. It was always this deck ideal, however. Naya Human Aggro.

12-12-12 // 3-1-0

1: 4 color ramp, won on turn 4 both games (he was ramping while i ate his face)

2: Selesnya midrage, won game three with lightning mauler and silverblade paladin, each with rancor.

3: BRG control, lost, Thragtusk and Izzet Staticaster and Nightshade Peddler . Ow.

4: Bant midrange. Won on turn 4 game 3. cake.

12-14-12 // 3-1-0

1: Bant midrange, won on turn 4 and 5 respectively. Easy matchup when no boardwipes / azorius charms are played

2: Jund didnt draw removal for 2 turns, swept in with Champion of the Parish, Lightning Mauler, and Silverblade Paladins

3: selesnya humans got me. Only because of Precinct Captain. That bastard, and his making of 1/1 chumpers.

4: esper, close matchup, but Lightning Mauler + Silverblade Paladin after the board was wiped is nasty fun business.

12-19-12 // 2-2-0

1: Won 2-0. Game was i was up against jund zombies. For some reason, he didnt keep hands with much removal, and i steamrolled him both games. I dont know if his deck was built accurately, but it was a surprisingly easy matchup. Champion of the Parish got to 5 counters, and i paired it with Silverblade Paladin and won. by like turn 5 both games.

2: Won 2-1. Game was an easy race against RDW. Once again, the race was on. He unleashed all his dudes, which made my turn 4, swing for 19 hilarious.

3: Lost 1-2 This game was odd, played against a golgari fight club deck with loads of removal. Predator Ooze and Ulvenwald Tracker tore me to pieces as i tried to bond and buff my guys. It went 4-0-0 that night, so i dont feel bad.

4: Lost 0-2. American control. Screw you. Azorius Charm, Pillar of Flame , Searing Spear and Supreme Verdict = not fun for any aggro deck. God damn i needed hexproof or Faith's Shield . Adding them to sideboard.

12-28-12 // 3-1-0

1: lost to rakdos aggro

2: beat rakdos aggro

3: beat junk midrange

4: beat bant control

01-21-13 // Casual Night

Tonight was a casual tournament night, set up with friends and a decent prize pool that was better than any FNM style. We set up a bracket for 6 people and pooled our decks together and drew random numbers to play the decks those numbers were assigned to. So, i ended up playing my friend's decks, and they played mine (this one)...

Here are the recordings of how my deck did. (won the night, easily)

Game 1: Bant control. um... won on turn 4 games 1 and 2. Ha. No Azorius Charms played, thank god.

Game 2: (against me, playing my Chandra, the pierced heart deck). Even with all the removal i had... i could not stop the human onslaught. Lost games 1 and 2.

Game 3: Golgari self-mill. The opponent played huge ass Boneyard Wurms and Splinterfrights but the humans got through.. some how.

The night was filled with "Vos... this is why i hate your deck."... "Vos... HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?!"..... "Swing lethal?" , "BUT I HAVNT EVEN PLAYED ANYTHING YET!"... "Vos... i hate you (as my friend wins)."

1-23-13 // 3-1

1: 2-0 Golgari zombie aggro. So this matchup, i think i might have been lucky. My opponent did have me down to 10 life on turn 3 with a nasty Lotleth Troll + Rancor action. But i was lucky enough to keep the damage pace even until i dropped a Thatcher Revolt for the finish. (game one and two :D)

2: 2-0 Played against Jund midrange. So... lots of spot removal sucks. But what doesnt suck is when your opponent runs out of it because you keep dropping threats. 4 Abrupt Decays, 4 Searing Spear s, 4 Dreadbores arent enough apparently.

3: 1-2. Hardest matchup of the night. Naya midrange... splash blue for Counterflux + Sphinx's Revelation I won the first match on turn 4, and the other two... he must have gained 60 life each game with Thragtusk + Huntmaster of the Fells   + Restoration Angel + Sphinx's Revelation combos. GAH.

4: 2-0. Opponent mana screwed... both games. Some 4 color ramp to Omniscience. He didn't get there.


02-01-13 // 4-0-0


Match 1: Simic Defenders -- 2-0

Game 1: The first game was pretty interesting. I managed to start with a Godhand, Champion of the Parish, Burning-Tree Emissary , Lightning Mauler, Mayor of Avabruck  , Thatcher Revolt, Sacred Foundry, Sunpetal Grove. I was feeling pretty good about it, but i lost the roll, and was on the draw.

He managed to place out a Doorkeeper , and a Fog Bank early to stall my aggression. Eventually getting into Axebane Guardian and Tree of Redemption . There wasn't much i could do offensively. So i just kept placing more and more creatures on the field to at least have a few to break through his defensive lines, and do more than 13 damage... He also had a scary ludivic's test subject flipped. Not fun to leave myself open to.

Eventually, I had like... 13 creatures on the field, including 2 Champion of the Parish with 8 counters each, 3 Mayor of Avabruck  , lots of 5/5 wolves... and i top decked a Mugging (lol). Mugging 'd his Tree of Redemption and swung in for... i care not to count how much.

Game 2: He played a few defenders, and slowed me down a little again... however, i was able to tap 3 creatures turn 5 with Aurelia's Fury to swing in for the win.


So, with a bunch of defenders, having cheap burn spells like Searing Spear might have come in handy against his Fog Banks and Axebane Guardian s. However, i don't run as much removal because i am opting for all out aggression. Mugging was a godsend. It could, if i wanted to, have killed his Fog Banks, but preventing one of his bigger defenders from blocking was far more satisfying.

With the mass of creatures i was able to get on the field, against little to no removal, my deck can be VERY overwhelming. Mayor of Avabruck   flipping is very essential against control matchups. Much much better than Huntmaster of the Fells   on that regard. Because 1, i get more wolves, 2, i don't need to gain life, or deal 2 damage to his 0/4 walls.

Against decks with no removal... i will have better creatures than you.

Match 2: Chavest Curses -- 2-0

Game 1: I won the roll, T1: Champion of the Parish, go. He played a Evolving Wilds. I laughed inside. T2: Burning Tree, Lightning Mauler, pair, swing 7. His turn... played a Rakdos Guildgate to go with his Plains. T3: Rancor, Mayor of Avabruck  , swing 13. win.

Game 2: I didn't get the turn 3, but i played a Silverblade Paladin and a Rancor on turn 4 after he tapped out to play a Rakdos Keyrune and a Curse of the Pierced Heart . Lel?


I really... didn't see much of his deck to provide a decent analysis list here... Um. Turn 3 wins... who cares what they're playing. Kill em quick, go get a drink.

Match 3: Gruul Bloodrush -- 2-0

Game 1: I knew what my opponent was playing because she was excited about how well it was doing. Not to mention she's a girlfriend of one of my best friends. However... no mercy for ANYBODY. The match started off, she played first and dropped a Rakdos Cackler . Not something i expected from Gruul Bloodrush... So i was like, K. And played a champion on my turn. On her next turn she swung in, and bloodrushed for 6 total damage. I flinched.. and tried to ignore it. No way i was blocking with my 1/1. My turn i dropped a Mayor of Avabruck   and swung in for 3. Her turn, she dropped her 3rd land and swung again.. and again... no way i was trading with my 1/1. Zhur-Taa Swine ... oh god. Hit me for 7. I'm at 7 life on turn 3... and kind of freaking out. However, MAYOR FLIPPED, and she was all tapped out, so i decided to be a bit ballsy... even though i do not have them. I drew a Burning-Tree Emissary and decided not to save my Mugging for a win, and played both. swung in for 6. Had her at 11, with 2 blockers.

She then dropped 2 dryad militiants, and another Rakdos Cackler unleashed. My turn... mayor flipped, and i felt good about it, because i top-decked a Thatcher Revolt. Played it, swing. 19 total damage. She had to chump my Champion of the Parish as well as my Burning-Tree Emissary otherwise it was lethal. She did so, and took 9 damage. She was at 2 life, i was tapped out with 7 life and she had a 2/2 Rakdos Cackler . I was fearing the Hellrider, but i was confident because she only had 1 card in her hand.

Her turn... draw. Land. Rancor on one of the Rakdos Cackler s SWING for only 6 damage! WOO! I got away with a win there. :D

Game 2: Well... turn 3'd her... and she missed an early land drop and only had a Rakdos Cackler that was unleashed and couldn't block. GG

Match 4: Chavest Tokens -- 2-1

Game 1: Lets see... I got steamrolled. Turns out a T1 Tragic Slip on my champion of the parish is mean. There is really no way for me to stop it, unless i wait a turn, and play a champ, and a human the same turn... when he has no mana open. Rough. I didnt do too well, he had 2 [[intangible virtues out by his 3rd turn, and i was only able to swing in once. Then he started dropping in the souls, Midnight Haunting to block and kill my guys :( So uh.. yeah

Game 2: COMPLETE 180. Turn 3 win... he had no kill in hand, probably just a Lingering Souls or Midnight Haunting that he didn't have time to play to chump block. I didnt see any Doomed Traveler s... maybe i got lucky

Game 3: Turn 4 win. Ha, luck, whatever. No kill spells for him, he had a few spirits... but i had beefy champion of the parshs, some Rancors, a Mayor of Avabruck  , and a Thatcher Revolt by the 3rd turn, 4th turn... Mugging to kill a soul blocker, Silverblade Paladin. I had a 9/7 Champion of the Parish (Rancor and Mayor of Avabruck   plus counters) with doublestrike and trample. wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin


It looks like early removal, or removal in any kind is always going to hurt. Its sort of obvious, the way to slow down aggro is to get rid of their creatures fast. However, its not that easy when all my creatures are weak to begin with, and get stronger over time. I did see him play one Human Frailty ... im a little bit worried about that card, because not only is it designed to ruin my day, but its not that easy to prepare for... Faith's Shield is still the only real protection i have, besides Boros Charm

02-06-13 // 2-2-0

Match 1: R/U/W Aggro 2-0

Game 1: Lets see... what did i play? OH American Nivmagus Elemental. Well... Not sure what happened, but he didnt play much and i kind of ran over him

Game2: Same thing? Not much of a threat when you dont get your Delver of Secrets   on the field. BYE.

Match 2: Jund aggro 1-2

Game 1: Was kind of thrilling, actually. He blitzed me with Experiment One, Strangleroot Geist, and Dreg Mangler , with a few choice removal spells. We were both down to 5 life, after SWINGOUT, GO, and i had a Boros Charm ready to go to win the next turn, but he dropped his Hellrider and finished me.

Game 2: T1, Champion of the Parish, T2, Burning-Tree Emissary , Mayor of Avabruck  . T3 Thatcher Revolt, win. Turn 3, fun.

Game 3: Once again... neck and neck, but he bloodrushed to win this time. GAH

I think the best part of the night, was that everyone in the store kept talking shit about my deck. "Blah blah, nothing can win on turn 3." ... "Oh shit, he beat me on turn 3." Ah it felt good to have everyone commenting on my deck as i quietly listened.

Match 3: BUG Control eilory's deck, fast and nasty penetration

Game 1: I was stalled out... sooo... i lost

Game 2 - 3: turn 4-5 wins

Match 4: R/U/W humans

Game 1 and 2: Land screwed. Lost stupidly. Ah well.

02-08-13 // 3-1-0

Game 1: Naya Humans 2-0

Match 1: While its always good to see store-mates use my deck (god dammit) its never fun to play against it! (WTF ITS GOOD) He was running a copy of my deck, with even the flavors specific to mine. I was still running Mugging , who else sees potential in that card? BAH I know he saw me play it last week on something to win the game... copy-cat. Anyway, he didnt understand that you drop a Burning-Tree Emissary on turn 2 only if you can drop another guy too. Needless to say, i overran his ass, and when his board out-weighed my own, i dropped a Boros Reckoner, and that was the end of that.

Game 2: He missed his second land drop... so i killed his Champion of the Parish early, and won on turn 4. Sorry breh, dont play my deck until you understand how to play it.

Match 2: Esper control 2-0

Match 1: This was a bummer, played against a good friend, who i repeatedly told... "YOU NEED TO RUN Tragic Slip mainboard right now with all the aggro in the format! He didnt listen, and i won on turn 3 because he didnt have any removal less than 4 mana.

Match 2: He sided in all his removal, which was fucking scary, however, with only a potential of 5-6 removal cards he'd keep in open hand, its hard to deal with THAT many creatures on the field by turn 3. I dished out more ammo than he could chew.

Game 3: RDW - 1-2

Match 1: Oh boy... lost the dice roll against RDW. The game was a tradefest, back and forth. Him swinging out with Stromkirk Noble (LOL AGAINST HUMANS) and Rakdos Cackler , and i swung out with all my humans. He dropped a Boros Reckoner on turn 4... and my winning attack was severely halted. Where is Fervent Cathar when i need him!?

Match 2: Won on turn 3, overwhelmed.

Match 3: GOT STEAMROLLED. Ugh, that sucked. I started with a potential godhand... proceeded into drawing nothing but mana. He had 1 Pillar of Flame to kill my Champion of the Parish and i just died.

Game 4: RDWs AGAIN 2-0

Match 1: He wanted the draw, and to split packs. I was pissed, so i said no. The difference with THIS deck... is that it didnt run Boros Reckoner (my GOD does that card work... against ANY DECK). He died crying.

Match 2: Little bit of a stalemate... went to like turn 6 or something. Dropped a Thatcher Revolt and a Champion of the Parish in one turn, pumping all my guys, giving them haste and double strike due to what was on the field... swung in for some 30 damage or whatever, he could only stop 14 of it or whatever, with 4 life left he expected to swing for the win... except i had 2 mana open and a Boros Charm TEEHEE. poor guy just wanted to draw. Prize packs included 3 mythics. Gideon... Aurelia's fury... and a Master Biomancer. I was only happy to get the Biomancer... EVERYONE REALIZES THAT AURELIA'S FURY ISN'T AS GOOD AS THEY THOUGHT. Dummies.

02-13-13 // 3-1-0

Match 1: Naya... something? -- 2-0

Game 1: Well, like most times, all i get to see are 2 or 3 lands before i kill them. This was no different. Turn 4 win, after he missed a land drop and only played Domri Rade

Game 2: He kept a 1-land hand... and the land was a Sunpetal Grove. I felt bad, but not really.

Match 2: Esper Control -- 0-2

Game 1: Well, with Dimir Charm , Ultimate Price, and Devour Flesh , he stalled my creatures long enough to play the board wipe. I had him down to 6 life... but Obzedat, Ghost Council, played correctly, mind you, was able to hold me off.

Game 2: Same exact results. It was really frustrating, and making me wish I was able to draw my Zealous Conscripts, they never surfaced.

Match 3: Jund Midrange -- 2-0

Game 1: Straight forward... i swing with a shitload of guys, you played Farseek on your last turn, i guess i win.

Game 2: He managed a few removal spells, but as soon as i dropped a Boros Reckoner with my army, he didn't want to do anything. Late game all i had was a Boros Reckoner with a Rancor to his Olivia Voldaren, i had no removal, and he had 2 land untapped (enough to ping) and 11 life, so i boldly swing in, he doesn't block. Before damage... he decides to ping it, not sure about timing here... but it worked out well. IN RESPONSE TO HIS PING, I use my Boros Charm (only card in hand) to give double strike. Both resolve, i deal the 1 damage back to player, and double strike for 10, winning the match. :) Why oh why didnt he wait?

Match 4: Naya Midrange? 2-0

Game 1: T1 - Champion of the Parish. T2 - Burning-Tree Emissary , Burning-Tree Emissary , Rancor. Swing 5.T3 - Silverblade Paladin, pair with Champion of the Parish, swing 16. win.

Game 2: Sort of the same thing... but i FINISHED HIM BY CASTING A Volcanic Strength OMG IT WON ME 4 of my 6 games tonight! SO GOOD

02-15-13 // 2-2-0

Match 1: American geist/reckoner 2-0

Game 1 and 2: The deck i played against was basically, protect Geist of Saint Traft and play Boros Reckoner. A very cute deck, that with Boros Charm and Runechanter's Pike could swing for 26 damage out of nowhere. Both games were down to the next turn wins, but i managed to come out on top.

Match 1: Naya Anti-aggro 1-2

Game 1: Pretty straight forward... turn 3 win after he did nothing but play a farseek.

Game 2 and 3: Both these games were pretty similar. I was playing against one of the locals and he came out and told me "I built this deck to stop yours." He ran a playset of Avacyn's Pilgrim and Arbor Elf to get out those turn 2 Loxodon Smiters and Boros Reckoners. And he did so... effectively shutting down my offensive early. With his limited amount of removal, i tried to stock up my army and wait for Nightbird's Clutches to swing through for a win, but he started playing fatties (like Thundermaw Hellkite) that were too challanging to deal with.

Note: This deck does not do well in the late game, it is strategically planned to dominate the early game and win before they reach the midgame.

Match 3: Chavest curses - 1-2

Game 1: Remember before? On 2-01-13 I posted about this deck before and how i won easily both games to 2-0 this guy. Game one was no different.

Games 2 and 3: Remember how that naya opponent said "i built this deck to beat yours", well, this guy was no different. He ran SO much removal... my graveyard literally had like 15 creatures in it by the end of each game 2 and 3. Barter in Blood , Devour Flesh , Magmaquake... and even Auger Spree to dodge my Boros Charms... oh man. Theres really not much i can do against that amount of control. After my attack was halted he started dropping the curses. Frustrating as all hell.

Match 4: Azorious... things? 2-0

Games 1 and 2: This matchup shouldnt even count. Its been awhile since i've fallen out of the top 8 bracket, but when i do i just faceroll any kid's decks. Geh... he played Trained Caracal ... and... thats about it? Easy, saddening, wins.

TCG MAXPOINT TOURNEY 3-9-13 // 4-3-0

Match 1: Boros Aggro - WIN - 2-0

Match 2: American Flash - WIN - 2-1

Match 3: Junk midrange or Reanimator... WIN - 2-0

Match 4: Naya Midrange - WIN - 2-0

Match 5: Black White Zombies - LOSE - 1-2 due to simple miss play :( I need to be smarter

Match 6: Black White Red Aristocrats - LOSE - 1-2

Match 7: Jund Midrange - LOSE - 1-2

1 Win away from making top 8, and it was because I made a simple misplay. I ended up giving my opponent too much information. I was able to swing in, and leave my opponent at 3 life, and i had a boros charm in my hand. However, my enemy could swing for lethal next turn, and all he had to do to save himself was block one of my creatures. So... I decided to play it safe, figuring he was going to block. I had 4 life left, and a Temple Garden open, so, thinking i was just going to play another creature to save myself after i attack, i played a Sacred Foundry tapped, and swung in. HE DIDN'T BLOCK. LEAVING HIM AT 3 LIFE. If i would have held onto my Sacred Foundry after seeing what he would do... i could have shocked it in and cast Boros Charm for the win. GRRRRR. He had no way to stop it either.

Other than that derp moment... My deck performed very very well, and the only times i lost were to bad draws, or incredible top decks by my opponents. Not much i can do except try to win, and it doesn't always happen. Very happy with how i did :3


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