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The Indefatigable Legion

Modern Aggro Humans RW (Boros) Tribal



Hero of Oxid Ridge

A work in progress idea of a deck in Boros colors hoping for some Return to Ravnica stuff to add to it.

Fiddled with the Sideboard to make it more transformative, going to see if simply replacing most of the things that Thalia, Guardian of Thraben would cost raise and see if the shift to bigger power but less speed is viable.

I'm avoiding using Scars things even though they could be great because I'm trying to get a jump on the phasing out and I don't want to commit to so many things that will leave in not so very long at all.


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So, I've been playing the deck some more times and I'm really liking it at the moment. I have nothing worse than a 50/50 ratio even in my worst matchups with the sole exception of some early game hating versions of Mono-Black Control.

My most interestingly solid matchups were aganst two different versions of Delver. A Talrand, Sky Summoner version and a R/U version. Barring terrible draws my version has bested versions of Mono-Red burn, Mono-Green Stompy, and others with surprisingly solid reliability. I have yet to play against more than one Vamp, or Zombie deck and haven't even seen a Naya-Pod deck yet so I'll update when I see that in the future.

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