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I am Yahenni.

Socialite of Ghirapur. Ally of the Gatewatch. Born of Aether.

Philanthropist. Revolutionary. Murderer. Savior.

In my short time on Kaladesh, I was many, many things - a fact for which I am endlessly grateful. If life is indeed change, as the philosophers say, I had a long life indeed (as long as you don't count in years).

I am one of the Aetherborn: creatures accidentally born from the magical residue of aether production on Kaladesh. Plainly stated, I am basically walking, talking industrial waste. We are natural empaths, exist without gender, and do not live long - three or four years, at the most.

We spend our precious time trying to experience as much of life as possible. Rather a curse, the Aetherborn know that our short lifespan lets us appreciate the value of the little time we are given - perhaps more than the other beings of Kaladesh possibly can.

However, unlike the other Aetherborn, I was born with a rare gift: I discovered I could extend my life by consuming the energy of others. And for a being like myself, who obsessively savors every second of life... The lure of surviving just one more second is almost unbearably strong, even if the cost is taking another's life.

As I struggled with my desire to live just a little bit longer, the rebellion began on Kaladesh. And to save another, I killed a man for the first time. I did so regretfully, perhaps even righteously, but I cannot dodge the truth: I became a murderer.

But eventually the war ended, and we returned to peace. And I get to decide who I am - I knew I would never take another life, not even to extend my own. I decided to pass on when my time came, among my closest friends and love ones.

And then I died, joyfully and without regrets. I returned to the Aether from which I was born, and became part of a multiverse far larger than I could have imagined. My energy became part of the infinite gyre of existence - for a creature like myself, I can imagine no better fate.

This deck is pretty basic mono-black control, with an emphasis on board wipes and token production (preferably from non-creature sources). As long as you have a creature to sacrifice, Yahenni is basically immortal in combat and invulnerable to board wipes. Any board wipe should also make them much, much larger - at which point you can easily swing for commander damage to win.

Main combos: Eldrazi Monument+Tombstone Stairwell is disgusting, and both pieces are amazing for the deck alone. Mikaeus, the Unhallowed+Walking Ballista+Yahenni, Undying Partisan is a combo-kill on the whole table. Magus of the Abyss + Lightning Greaves can be a surprisingly hard lock. Ogre Slumlord+Attrition is a machine gun against opponents' creatures.

Play the long game, protect your commander, and let them over-extend. A creature with shroud and haste is pretty close to immortal in a normal EDH game...and you can quickly murder the table if you play cleverly.

A better description is coming soon :)

Suggestions (and +1s), as always, are welcome! Help me optimize this deck!

Happy deckbuilding, and if you want to leave a +1...


Updates Add

I have begun to update this deck once more! While I no longer own it in paper (most of the pieces got folded into my Hymn of Darkness: Elenda EDH | *PRIMER* deck), it was a very very fun list while it lasted and I want to make it available to the community, while also keeping it up to date.

So, TLDR, I am now going to keep this list up to date, although it is the only deck on my profile I do not own in paper, while still not being marked as "Retired". Anybody got any thoughts from new sets that I missed?

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