Lots of them.

This deck is centered around getting as many Zombies out as possible, all the while bolstering them and keeping your opponents' offenses subdued. During this, you can send a couple of sucker punches their way and knock them out for good.


The Lords are the linchpin in this deck. While you're bringing out your mass of Zombies, these cards will constantly buff them. The Undead Warchiefs reduce the mana cost of all other Zombies coming out into play, which makes casting your Zombie spells that much easier. The Death Barons add Deathtouch to your Zombies, making attacking your opponents devastating, even if they properly defend. The Diregraf Captain deals damage to an opponent should a ZOmbie you control die.

This combo is particularly effective, even if you don't manage to get both cards out. The Endless Ranks of the Dead will increase the amount of Zombies you control if you don't get out Army of the Damned. However, if you do, the effect is devastating. The turn after you bring out the 13 Zombies, you would get 6 more. After that, you would get 10. See where this is going?

Army of the Damned can be potentially cast on the 4th turn if you manage to draw 2 Dark Rituals within those turns, along with Army of the Damned.

Call to the Grave has been the bane of all of the people I've played against. Every turn it causes your opponent to sacrifice a non-Zombie. Whenever this happens, you activate the Cemetery Reaper's ability, exile that creature, and put a Zombie into play, increasing your ranks even more while permanently disabling your opponent.

This is my personal favorite. Gempalm Polluter is meant to be cycled. When it's cycled, you can activate Unholy Grotto's ability and put it back on top of your deck. If you have two Gempalm Polluters, you can cast it up to four times in one turn as long as you have the land and Unholy Grottos.


Since the Deck has went through a drastic change, I'm currently working on decent combos or replacements for the Sideboard. Any suggestions?

Comments and suggestions are always appreciated!


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