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The Holy Hand Grenade

Standard Lifegain W/B (Orzhov)



After having played against it I have decided to focus these deck towards the extort mechanic. In that regard I have added more creatures with extort as well as adding Blind Obedience back to the main deck. Added Crypt Ghast for ramp and Thrull Parasite for early presence and early extort.


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Removed a bunch of stuff that was mostly there for lols. Trying to tune the deck up to play as a competitive deck down at my LGS. The point of the deck is going to be survive till you can start extorting and gaining life. Dropping any of the big three bombs Blood Baron of Vizkopa, Pontiff of Blight, or Obzedat, Ghost Council should quickly swing the game in your favor. To help get there we have Blind Obedience to slow those nasty decks that just want to throw creatures at you. Orzhov Charm can destroy blockers or big threats and can also save your creatures plus enchants that might be on them. Vault of the Archangel makes even your chump blockers a big threat now. Debt to the Deathless can end the game in a heartbeat if your opponent doesnt have an answer for it.

Any recommendations are welcome.

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