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pie chart "The H*mmer is my Penis"



Kudos to the person who knows where this quote's from!

In a bit more seriousness: my view on koth and how to get him big.

The idea is to get to Koth of the Hammer on turn 3 with Sphere of the Suns , and proliferate him the next turn to let him go ultimate. The proliferation for koth also works well with our Shrine of Burning Rage and besides that it's still burn ( Volt Charge ) or drawing cards (Tezzeret's Gambit), so it definitely retains value even if there's no koth or shrine. Desperate Ravings is also pretty nice card-advantage, and combines well with the shrine.

If all of this fails there's still Inferno Titan.

Spellskite, Slagstorm , Arc Trail, Gut Shot and Incinerate are here to keep people off my back while i'm setting up.

Let me know what you think could be done better!

I'm looking forward to seeing your comments, and maybe even +1's! ;)


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Was wondering if you people think this is still viable? I have obviously not changed a card since ISD came out :p

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