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The Heat of War (Budget)

Modern Budget Burn




Cheaper version of my original 'Heat of War' deck. Original was intended for 4+ players.

The goal is to play one of your pinging creatures, such as Goblin Fireslinger or Cunning Sparkmage, before playing a War Elemental or Chandra's Spitfire. Hold onto a Fling or Soul's Fire until the time is right, then use it on one of the buffed creatures. Or you swing lethal flying with Chandra's Spitfire and Quest for Pure Flame or Temur Battle Rage. If all else fails, ping them to death. If uninterrupted, it can win by turn 4 - 6.

If you're feeling extra frisky and have some money to spend, add in a Nova Chaser or a Chandra, Torch of Defiance. Chandra has the downside of costing one more than the average CMC, but she makes up for it with her loyalty abilities.

You might consider taking out the Flamekin Harbinger to save $8.


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