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The Gruul Clans: The Untamed Onslaught

Commander / EDH Ramp RG (Gruul) Theme/Gimmick Vorthos



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Resentment vs Repentance

"Walls crack. Buildings fall. Always the wilds return" -Domri Rade

Palatial and seemingly never-ending is the urban sprawl that is Ravnica. On its surface the cityscape is utopian and unblemished, yet Ravnica's history is tumultuous and its foundation built on unsteady alliances. The rebellious Gruul Clans have long since been exploited by the other guilds and hunger for retribution. The Clans spent their entire lives living in the wild squalor of nature; why not should the rest of Ravnica now do the same? As Ravnica edges ever-closer towards another breakdown, Domri incites anarchy and is determined to give it one last 'thwack' to send it spiraling into complete systematic collapse.

Nikya , however, is a worshiper of the gods of yore. The forgotten. While many are quick to fall for the rash deliverance of Domri's chaotic raids, Nikya and her followers patiently await the downfall of Ravnica as foretold by their ancient prophecies. Whether Ravica will be brought down by rioting or fire and brimstone the Gruul Clans may not yet be able to agree on, but what is certain to them is that the almighty Gruul will lay waste to the city once and for all.

A Duel commander deck meant to be played against my Orzhov deck


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