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The greatest library in the mutliverse!

Commander / EDH Discard Mill Theme/Gimmick U/B/R (Grixis)



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Nicol Bolas has given up his evil ways and has actually built a library in Amonkhet and gathered the 'best' books, scrolls, tomes and Grimoires from across the multiverse!

Come with Bolas on a tour of his Library, benefit from his knowledge as his many patrons such as Talas Researcher , Reckless Scholar and curious homonculus do.

But there are some rules in place enforced by fellow librarians Azami, Lady of Scrolls and Grandmother Sengir . No bringing in outside books and teaching that speak ill of Bolas, doing so will lead to questioning from our Minister of Inquiries and may in extreme cases lead to a Burning Inquiry and Book Burning .

Any Scroll Theifs or Disruptive Student s will be punished to the extreme, and shall be taught by more Dark Tutelage and taught Fatal Lore to show them the lengths of knowledge Bolas can visit upon them.

No knowledge housed within the Library of Bolas is off limits to the public, from the Grimoire of the Dead to the Scroll of the Masters browse at your own leisure, we even offer many tutors to help you along!The greatest library in the multiverse is now open to the public, we appreciate any suggestions and feedback to improve the library and appreciate any show of support!


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