This deck may take some time to assemble the right pieces together, but once you play a few games, you see that no 2 games can feel the same. If someone takes out one of your combos, you can just tutor for another. Take that one out? Well just find another of course!

What I love about the deck is that it can surprise even me sometimes. There may be some combos that even I don't see, but when I find out the synergy between cards, it's just a fun experience. I want to cram so many combos in here, but with only 100 cards, it's sad to see some cards go.

Devoted Druid + Experiment Kraj + Hardened Scales

  • As long as you have a +1/+1 counter on both the druid and the Kraj, you'll be able to have an arbitrary number of counters as well as green mana.

Deadeye Navigator + Master Biomancer + Progenitor Mimic + Sage of Hours

Xenograft/Arcane Adaptation + Turntimber Ranger

Deadeye Navigator + Peregrine Drake

Biovisionary + Progenitor Mimic

  • It may take a few turns, but it will win if it happens. Slow, yes. Fun, also yes.

Biovisionary + Infinite Reflection + any 3 other creatures

  • Just slap a reflection on the visionary, have multiple creatures, and you will win at the end of the turn.

Grand Architect + Pili-Pala

  • This combo is classic for a reason, INFINITE MANA.

Gyre Sage with 3 or more counters/Elvish Aberration + Umbral Mantle

  • Tap for 3 or more mana, untap with the mantle, and get an arbitrarily large creature. If you have more than 3 counters on the Gyre Sage, this results in infinite green mana as well.

Doubling Season + Jace, Cunning Castaway

Deadeye Navigator + Deceiver Exarch + Simic Growth Chamber + Champion of Lambholt

Deadeye Navigator + Sage of Hours + Sandsteppe Mastodon

  • Infinite turns are always fun.

Experiment Kraj + Gyre Sage with 3 or counters + Gilded Bairn

  • Just add 3 mana to your mana pool when Experiment Kraj has at least 3 counters on it when you have a Gyre Sage on the field. Use that mana to untap the Kraj (as long as Gilded Bairn has a counter on it) to add more counters to the Kraj. Rinse and repeat to get exponential mana with an exponential amount of counters on Kraj. You can then put counters on every other creature and swing for lethal.

Any comments or suggestions? Feel free to leave some. I'm always looking for cool new synergies I may not have noticed.


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