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Modern Mono-Black Zombies

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Welcome to the zombie apocalypse motherfuckers. These ain't no sloberring, slow, incompetent ghouls like the OG flicks you saw as a kid. Ohhhh no, these bad boys (and girls) are here specifically to fuck up your day. I build lots of my tribal decks around the same basic concepts: an aggressive mana curve, difficult to disrupt, lots of cheap removal, and no reliance on 1 or 2 key cards to achieve victory.


Gravecrawler : 2 power for 1 mana. Recursion makes this thing a fucking headache to deal with, you have to exile it to get rid of it, the best T1 play this deck can have.

Diregraf Ghoul : A 2/2 for 1 mana, sure it comes in tapped, but I'm not blocking a whole lot anyways. 2nd best T1 play.

Bone Splinters : Point and shoot for 1 mana, sacrificing the creature means very little to this deck with so much mainboard graveyard recursion.

Tragic Slip : Pretty much kills anything that isn't hexproof short of an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. Getting Morbid is never an issue. My go-to kill spell.

Ghoulcaller's Chant : Get 2 creatures back to my hand for 1 mana? Sounds good to me.

Relentless Dead : Same P/T as Diregraf Ghoul, but comes with built-in evasion and 2 annoying recursion abilities that keep itself and the rest of the ghoulies in this deck coming back for more action. Probably the best combo card in the deck. I never leave home without it.

Lord of the Undead : The first of 2 lords in the deck, gives a vanilla +1/+1 to other creatures, and serves as an additional way to bring back creatures. Not a bad T3 play, but there are better options.

Death Baron : Public enemy number one; brings deathtouch and +1/+1 to the board. An army of creatures with deathtouch is difficult to play around if you plan to win with creatures, as many decks do.

Geralf's Messenger : 2 free damage, comes with Undying for an additional 2 damage so long as it isn't exiled. Makes it even easier to throw away because it comes with it's own recursion the first time.

Liliana, the Last Hope : A 3-mana Planeswalker with zombie synergy. +1 kills lots of combo pieces or mana dorks, and can blunt the damage of attacking creatures. -2 digs 2 cards into my library looking for creatures, and adds another graveyard recursion outlet. -7 is a much better version of Endless Ranks of the Dead; gives me the zombie army I've always wanted.

Damnation : Boardwipe slot. For when you want to punch a bunch of creatures in the face at the same time.

Gray Merchant of Asphodel : Mana cost is a bit steep, but his ETB ends games. 4 toughness gives him a relevant body to block or eat Lightning Bolts.

Murderous Cut : With all the efficient Instants and Sorceries I play running this as a 1-of should make it another unconditional kill effect for next-to-no mana.


Thoughtseize : Mono-Black has access to a plethora of options to fuck up creatures in wonderful and fantastic ways... And that's about it. So in order to deal with artifacts and enchantments I employ my trademark "oh fuck" 2-part plan:

1. Hand disruption

2. Play around what gets through the hand disruption because fuck

Dragon's Claw : Primarily for sustain against Burn.

Geth's Verdict : Because dying to Hexproof or Indestructible creatures is not fun (looking at you, Bogles).

Infinite Obliteration : Goodbye Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, I won't miss you. See you later Wurmcoil Engine, I've always hated you. Tarmogoyf? Fuck off into exile. Etched Champion doesn't even get a quippy line, fuck that card... I think you get the idea.


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