This is my Griffin EDH, The Goldfeather Alliance. I don't mind changing the Commander,but I'd rather it stay mono-White and keep a theme of flying to it.

The idea is to stick MAINLY to Griffin Creatures, but yeah, that'll probably change as this develops...


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Hey folks, after playing with this deck a little with friends over Tappedout and so on, I've decided to make two minor changes - I've added Yosei, the Morning Star over Wild Griffin, just as Yosei is a Dragon who has a rather fun ability, and is strictly more useful. I've also added Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, because that card could produce me a LOT of mana in one go.

Furthermore, The Goldfeather Alliance may soon be more focused on flying creatures in general - essentially there may be a shake-up to the deck. If you comment, I'd appreciate suggestions not only on the deck itself, but also on other possible commanders and useful cards (W and colorless/artifact only please, that's the restriction I'd like to make clear).

As said, I now have 2001 views for The Goldfeather Alliance! Thank you for your viewing!

Thanks folks!


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