Playing around with a Gideon tribal build in Pioneer

Not sure really how to play it but this seems like a decent start.

I'm relying on tokens to support my board while I attack with my Planeswalkers. Several cards accomplish this, Gideon AoZ makes knights that synergize well with History of Benalia, and Secure the Waste can be super powerful if played during combat or tge end of the oppents turn.

Thalia's Lancers feels like a Solid five drop to round off the curve, as it can tutor for seven different cards from the deck, including Nykthos and is a big 4/4 Firststrike. Also another Knight as bonus

Knight of the White Orchid can help me curve out and can actually put you a land ahead sometimes. Plus another Knight.

The biggest problem is obviously that I don't know of any good card draw for a deck like this. And it's probably going to suffer pretty hard from that.

Sideboard is a WiP

All I all though, I think it looks fun

Comment and tell me what you think


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