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The Ghirapur Monster

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I opened a foil ghirapur orrery so my brother challengede to build a playable deck based around it. Well here it is!

Also plz comment any suggestions you have I would love to make this decks s good as possible(while still kind of budget though) thanks.

Also I recently opened the World Breakerand I think it'll be good for this deck because sacrificing lands to bring it back isn't hard for this deck. And I recently added Aether Hub so it shouldn't be to hard to get that colorless mana. I just need a card to take out let me know if you have an idea ( just not omnath plz)

I have opened a Liliana, the Last Hope and Nissa, Vital Force over the holidays and have added them to the deck in place of Fiery Temper and Pulse of Murasa I'll make a non budget version if this deck soon if anyone wants me too!


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