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*RETIRED* The Gathering Storm: Animar EDH

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HELP AND +1s NEEDED! :) Animar Storm/Eldrazi deck, with a major artifacts subtheme.

Very much a work in progress (both the main cards and the mana base).

Note: This is a list parallel to the cards I have IRL. I know there are a lot of cards I need to acquire and add (like Kozilek, Butcher of Truth or Jin-Git) - feel free to suggest them anyway, though, in case I forgot one!


The deck plays in a pseudo-stormy manner. It's mostly creatures with entirely colorless costs, and I can chain them for free if I stack the mana costs correctly. As in, I cast a 1-cost creature then 2-cost creature then a 3-cost creature, etc, and pay zero mana total (off of an Animar with only 1 counter). This is also really "cute" with Paradoxical Outcome.

There are also five viable infinite storm combos in those colors that I'm aware of: Cloudstone Curio+two non-artifact creatures that are free with Animar; Cloudstone Curio+Aluren; Aluren+self bounce creature; Palinchron with seven lands and Animar at 4 counters; or Ancestral Statue if Animar has 4 counters.

All of these also have the side effect of making Animar into a LARGE/LARGE, so I could win by giving Animar trample, or just playing Aetherflux Reservoir. And of course if the combo doesn't go off, there's always a Blightsteel Colossus or Emrakul, the Promised End to close out the game :)

Are there any cards that you could think of that could help with this strategy? Primarily in giving Animar counters faster, cheap and strong creatures that happen to be colorless in cost, or giving me the draw that's required for a storm deck...

+1s highly appreciated!! :)

...and Animar may have mercy.


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