I've been working on different revisions of this deck....it's still a work in progress.

I know I know why a multi colored deck well it's because I see so many cut and paste decks I want to make something new.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback even if it's trolling

Some people rely on a certain hand in order to win my deck works a little bit different. My lands are scattered and sorted about from all the different colors needed to run this wonderful deck.

First off I suggest having at least three lands in your hand given which you can hopefully draw a Solar Blaze or a Kaya's Wrath or if the opponent feels lucky and decides to go the Planeswalker route there's always Unmoored Ego mixed with The Elderspell or Ixalan's Binding with a few Bedevil mixed in to round it out...

destroying the opponents creatures or tokens with the pretenses of hopefully getting a Leyline of Sanctity to stop any burn or discard spell well stop any advances until a Captive Audience comes into play in case they want to life gain the whole match....

The plan is to stop any 4 or 5 draw win decks and get them out of their comfort zone and into MINE.

I've play tested a slightly different deck of this with good results on paper already I'm getting the rest of the cards in soon and hitting the FNM events soon....if all goes well I might go modern with it as well I can't find anything like Ixalan's Binding and it's a life saver when facing undestructable or last ditch effort cards like that.

Competitive meter is broken.....go ahead and click playtest and don't forgetting to mullegin if you have to


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