Burn it all to the ground. Seriously, that's the entire point of this deck. Half the time you're going up in flames with everyone else, but this deck dishes out at least 80% of the damage in a game.

Balefire Dragon - board wipe for the defender, probably
Dragon Mage - good to play against combo players, bonus for you when you use up all your cards
Hellkite Tyrant - give me all your sol rings (seriously that usually how it goes)
Steel Hellkite - good way to get rid of some pesky permanents
Thunder Dragon - token killer or also utility creature killer
Thundermaw Hellkite - fear, but better
Sarkhan's Triumph - red tutor for a dragon, not bad for 3
Chaos Warp - if you want to roll the dice
Quicksilver Amulet - cheat it into play for more utility and just to hate on people
Wheel of Fortune - with so many dragons, I'm sure it will work out
Heat Shimmer - good for dragons, or get that ETB you always wanted Content goes here
Fork - because why not do what everyone else is doing
Radiate - target removal a dragon? Bring it on
Reiterate - have fun messing with the stack over and over again
Reverberate - can't have too many forks
Ricochet Trap - counter-counterspell
Volcanic Offering - political or just enemy provoking, either way fun times for all
Wild Ricochet - just waiting to abuse

And that's pretty much it. I could put in some basic interactions, but they're pretty self explanatory. Play dragons, kill anything else that doesn't fly, and dish out as much damage as you can. This deck is meant to play aggressively for maximum value and hilarity. No damage is too small or too large, though saving Banefire or Comet Storm for useful times is recommended...or something.

Ideas and thoughts are always welcome, and a moment of silence for Mudslide because people always have to stop what they're doing to read it, because...who the hell plays Mudslide .


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