Big Revisions Made. Scrapped Locust god. Focused more on mana sinks to end the game using flyers with dowsing dagger for damage and ramp


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This deck is Standard legal.

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1 month ago)

+2 Kitesail Freebooter main
-2 Bone Picker main
+3 Glint-Nest Crane main
-2 Vraska's Contempt main
+2 Fatal Push main
+3 Cut main
-2 Swamp main
+2 Sulfur Falls main
-2 Rekindling Phoenix main
+2 Fight with Fire main
-1 The Locust God main
-4 Cut // Ribbons main
-2 Favorable Winds main
-2 Battle at the Bridge main
-1 Drowned Catacomb main
+2 Island main
-1 Siren Stormtamer main
-2 Spirebluff Canal main
+1 Curious Obsession main
+2 Mountain main
and 32 other change(s)