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The game is speed, Champion of the Parish does just that job, and does it quite well. now with having that, your going to present blockers, and kill spells, stuff of that nature, that is where Intangible Virtue comes in handy for the guys powering my Champion, but then i need some more, well what now, With M13 We now have the wonders of Odric, Master Tactician. Declare no blocks, everything smacks you in the face, win. team that with Hellrider and it just gets ugly. and the most common win con i ever have, Kessig Malcontents and Cloudshift. all in all, i built this deck with the intent of the basic Champion deck, and am now walking away with something that has many different win cons.

right now my big thing is figuring out what can make it faster, and should i remove the Bonfire of the Damned or should i take something out, and add another. and can a Burn at the Stake fit here?


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