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The Filth Element [Simic Nissa Oathbreaker]

Oathbreaker* Aggro Counters GU (Simic) Lifegain Zoo



Simic Nissa is really interesting -- You want to keep her around as long as you can to abuse her 0 ability and cheat big creatures into play.

So you just +2 and scry your way there? That's a bit slow. Good, but slow.

We proliferate our way up the ladder, then anything we hit comes in. Even casting Nissa at 3=X means that with a proliferate, we can hit most things in our library.

But then, how do we know what we're getting? Sure, we Scry, but that's where the signature spell Noxious Revival comes in -- We pay life, get something back on top from the graveyard. Hence why we have creatures like Thragtusk and Selkie Hedge-Mage in the deck, to get back life we use for the Phyrexian Mana on NR.

It might be a non-starter, but NR might just be the edge Simic Nissa needs to be dominant.


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