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This is, in my opinion, the way of playing Kami of the Crescent Moon . Control the early game while you fly under the radar as your opponents make enemies elsewhere. Then start dropping hate, like Back to Basics . Finally, we close out the game with a very unique Stasis lock, utilizing Chronatog to make sure no one can play Magic.

Now the #1 Kami of the Crescent Moon deck on TappedOut!

Thanks to all of you for the honor!! It's been a long road but we finally did it!!!

This is a Stasis deck, no matter what it looks like on the outside. It is designed to find a very creative path to victory, and not to play two games that are exactly the same. For instance, there are some games that I get to draw so many cards I combo out by turn 4, or, there are games where I get hated on and the win can come as late as turn 13 at times. The most important part of this deck is knowing that your topdeck is not very relevant (even though you are put in topdeck mode quite often), as you are able to draw a minimum of 2 cards each turn.
  • Like to be baffled by topdecks

  • Enjoy complex lines of play, while also enjoying a linear playstyle

  • Enjoy controlling games

  • Enjoy watching opponents flip tables

  • You like turning creatures sideways

  • You think 'combat' is the most important phase in a turn

  • You do not like discarding cards, or drawing cards for that matter

  • You think infinite combos are the bane of creation

This is a possibility. You can still win if one of your combo pieces gets countered/exiled.

You can win by infinite mana. With Paradox Engine , it's very possible to accidentally "go off", generating infinite mana to be poured into a Blue Sun's Zenith .

Also, winning by natural draw is a very viable option. You can mill your opponents with the way the symmetrical draw works. Most of the effects benefit our opponents first because they draw first. This is to our advantage. This means that our opponents will always deck first. With proper counterplay, you can almost always stop your opponents from winning.

Cursed Totem . While it fits into the style I am playing, it shuts off Chronatog , which is something I can't let happen.

Sensei's Divining Top , Scroll Rack . First off, I find top to be lackluster, as it wont matter what order my cards are in if I am drawing them all anyways. Secondly, Scroll Rack is bad imo, because I am just redrawing those cards next turn.

Consecrated Sphinx . While good in theory, it must stay around one revolution to get any conceivable profit from it. A win-more card.

Arcane Laboratory . Hinders me in generating my lock.

Black Vise . While this is good for drawing lots of cards, it is not quite what this list is looking for.

Viseling . Same as above.

Psychosis Crawler . Same as above.

If you like the deck, click here to +1!

Love Whitacre, all of his work is amazing, you should go check it out!

Also big thanks to scotchtapedsleeves for the coding on the deck! This guy deserves a medal or something :P


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