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The Energy Experiment: Kraj's Prolific Power Plant

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There are many combos

and different paths to victory so games are usually quite different from each other. We can win by beating down with a bunch of little utility dorks that have been pumped up overrun style, it can voltron Kraj into an unstoppable kill machine, and it even has instant win potential by generating infinite mana to pump with or using Viral Drake to infect kill.

When I went to the Kaladesh pre-release I had lots of fun playing with energy counters, so I wanted to build an EDH deck that used the mechanic. Although I really wish we had a commander that specifically used and made energy (I don't count Atraxa because she doesn't use it herself) this deck can still make some use of the energy mechanic. I usually generate some amount each game. Along with the additional energy created from proliferate type effects there's usually enough to use it for something useful each game.

In the end energy became a minor sub theme, after the voltron and +1/+1 counters matter themes. The Experiment absorbed the energy theme and evolved past it.

Now this deck has cards that can generate crazy amounts of mana, and use it to pump up Kraj exponentially and make him unblockable (the most non-infinite pump so far has been a Kraj with power of 1024!).

I have an online version that's a tiny bit different also:

Any card suggestions are very helpful, thank you!

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