I used to play in a fairly competitive EDH league at my LGS. Because of that I focused solely on making my decks to win fast and end the game quickly. Even this deck's first iteration was super fast combo. However I recently moved away from my LGS and don't have a local EDH league anymore. Thankfully I still have my friends though. However there has been a change in how I have been playing. My friends you see hate infinite combos. Because of that we have instituted a rule that no deck shall abuse infinite combos. I have always thought that Slivers were a very cool tribe and wanted to make a deck for them. Although with the rule it made building a Sliver deck extremely interesting. Because normally you would just throw in Mana Echoes, Paradox Engine, Intruder Alarm and call it a day. I cannot do that though. So to compensate for that I want to focus on having more than one way to win with the deck hopefully using Slivers. My main Wincon right now is abusing Basal Sliver, Heart Sliver, Gemhide Sliver, Sliver Overlord and Living Death or Patriarch's Bidding. This allows me to tutor for many Slivers and cast them, tap them and then sac them for 2B and then rinse repeat until I have enough to win. This is all well and good but it is very reliant on an aggro based victory. As stated above I would like at least one more. So please help me out as much as you'd like. My only request is that you give me choices on what you would remove and why.


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