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The Enchantresses Door To Winning




The Main Description

Enchantment Door. The point of this deck is to ramp up to Door to Nothingness, all the while building up your land count and the cards in your hand with Mesa Enchantress and Rites of Flourishing. Mesa Enchantress is the draw engine that gets you what you need, and a lot of the other enchantments erve as stallers.

Card Explanations

Knowledge Pool is in here for the sake of the "no spells combo". Knowledge Pool + Curse of Exhaustion .

Abundant Growth is perfect as it lets me tap to add the mana of my choice AND works well with Mesa Enchantress.

Door to Nothingness along with Mesa Enchantress and Rites of Flourishing are the main cards in the deck. Mesa Enchanter and Rites of Flourishing serve as the draw engines, letting me draw through my deck so I can get plenty of lands and Abundant Growths. Door to Nothingness is the win con obviously.

Birds of Paradise can get me the the red mana or the blue mana that I need to win the game with Door to Nothingness.

Bonfire of the Damned can be a miracle when things get real nasty. Same with Terminus .

Blood Reckoning and Curse of Exhaustion serve as stallers.

Win Cons

Besides the obvious Door to Nothingness, this deck has tow other ways to win.

  • Bonfire of the Damned . Yup, this card can win me games, and has won me games. With the vast reserves of mana that I (should) have, this card can end the game when miracled.

  • Knowledge Pool+ Curse of Exhaustion . Ok, I guess this isn't a single card, but this combo wins games. Some players just up and concede when this combo lands.

Troublesome Decks

The main problem I have found has been aggro decks. This deck can still beat them, it's just much, much harder. Any thought on helping to stop aggro decks?


Are there any cards from the two new sets that should be in here? Comment and tell me your ideas!

Comments and +1's are greatly appreciated ;)


Updates Add

There are some old comments on here that need cleaning. Thanks to everyone who made this deck what it is!

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