Gargos, Vicious Watcher having a built in removal makes interaction with opponents very interesting.

Having that P/T and vigilance at the same time makes it even better as you can still go aggressive and stay defensive.

The hydra tribal mechanic is great but not many hydras are that amazing, imo, that's why I focused on the fighting ability.

Enchantress decks, once set up, can really give you tons of value. Using auras like Bear Umbra can really bolster the fight ability as it gives a boost to P/T and survivability (assuming Gargos survived the fight trigger, which he should). There are ways to further abuse this aura-fight-value synergy by using cards like Enchantress's Presence and Season of Growth along with Druid's Call , Whip Silk , and Talons of Wildwood . Oh and don't forget, Gargos' fighting triggers for ALL your creatures being targeted not just him.

Win Conditions:

  1. Commander Damage = through auras and Nylea, God of the Hunt 's buff
  2. Combat Damage = through other big creatures using auras and Nylea as well.

This deck is still in testing period but so far its faring quite nicely!

To Be Added:

- Verduran Enchantress = For additional value engine.(Still in shipping)

To Be Cut:

- Force of Vigor

In Consideration:

- Aspect of Hydra = For a surprise finisher

Deck Breakdown:

  • = Artifact (Including 1 Enchantment Artifact)
  • = Creature (Including Gargos; 4 Enchantment Creatures)
  • = Enchantment (Technically 30)
  • = Instant
  • = Sorcery
  • = Land

Comments and suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance!


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