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So this deck is a weird one, and it stems from my love of Empyrial Archangel.

One thing that always frustrated me as a kid was how difficult this card was to build around, since I couldn't target it with any auras or cool spells. This deck is sort of the redemption for it, and I've thrown in as many awesome ways to suit her up with sweet enchantments as I could.

How do we suit her up, you ask?

Well something I didn't know back in 2008 was that auras target creatures only when you cast them. Therefore, if you can put an aura directly into play from your library, clone an aura, or bring an aura onto the battlefield from your graveyard, you can get around targeting your awesome creature with shroud! Cards that take advantage of this include Nomad Mythmaker, Wargate, Venser, the Sojourner, Replenish, Retether, Simic Guildmage, Sun Titan, Sovereigns of Lost Alara, and Clever Impersonator.

At the core of this deck are the Enchantresses that draw you cards when you cast an enchantment.

They will help you accrue card advantage and keep a steady flow of cards so you can get your sick combo going. They're also perfect for converting your board into a huge army with a certain enchantment mentioned below.

Now comes the fun part: what kind of cool things can you do with Empyrial Archangel?

One of the coolest I think is throwing Infinite Reflection on it, making ALL your nontoken creatures into Archangels and allowing you to get massive swings in, while also protecting you from any damage-based death (Have a counterspell as backup in case of board wipes). If you can enchant it with Unquestioned Authority, Shield of the Oversoul, or Spectra Ward, then you CAN'T die from creature combat, and your angel will be virtually unblockable. Another way to pump your Archangel is with Sovereigns of Lost Alara. That card can REALLY give your angel (or anything) a boost when you send it in. The best enchantments to grab off the sovereigns are Eldrazi Conscription and Ancestral Mask, just know that you won't get annihilator triggers the first time, you'll have to settle with attacking for 15 with your flying trampling shrouded creature. Another set of cards you can assemble is Empyrial Archangel with Gift of Immortality on it, with High Market out. Board wipes won't be a problem for you, and if anything crazy happens you have a way to force the angel into the graveyard where she'll be safe. You also can't die from damage this way as long as the angel is in play.

Since the whole deck primarily revolves around one card, there has to be multiple ways to ensure you cast it each game.

Angel's Herald is a cheeky way to sneak the Archangel into play at instant speed, something definitely worth utilizing in this deck. You also have Pattern of Rebirth, Green Sun's Zenith, Chord of Calling, and Wargate to find it from your library and Eternal Witness to recur it from the grave.

Now it's possible that your precious Empyrial Archangel may be exiled, but the deck has a few backup plans up its sleeve.

The next best creature to enchant with Infinite Reflection is Sovereigns of Lost Alara, which basically just one-shots someone if you have enough creatures and auras left in the deck. For value, there's Sphinx of Uthuun, one of the coolest creatures ever. If you're on the defensive, the deck still has several options in Aura Shards, Reclamation Sage, and Song of the Dryads, all of which are tutorable with your various nonsense.

In conclusion:

This deck has a pretty low curve and tons of ways to get the "combo" assembled, with a decent amount of protection once you get going. Please be sure to UPVOTE if you liked the deck, and I'm always open to suggestions!


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