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The Eighth Plague of Egypt - Locusts

Commander / EDH Combo Tokens U/R (Izzet)



When The Locust God was first spoiled I must say I was very excited. Next to Golgari, Izzet is one of my favorite color combinations. As one who played Arjun when the 2015 Commander set came out, I was really happy to see Arjun's older cousin make an appearance. The Locust God is a very powerful Commander, but I do not consider him to be over powered (Maybe Tier 1.5). Like many Commanders he can "go off" if given the right tools, but he can also be stopped easily because the deck relies heavily on keeping your Commander in play.

Generally, drawing cards is one of the most powerful things you can do in Magic and anything that rewards you for drawing cards is very solid in my book. I also really love token decks that are outside the "standard" token colors (Naya or White). All in all, I love everything The Locust God does and I would strongly recommend him to any Commander player.

Since building the deck, I have considered including the Enter the Infinite/Spiraling Embers combo. You get value off casting Enter the Infinite if your Commander is out so you dont need the other half of the combo to win the game. However, you can easily finish a game with Spiraling Embers or Master the Way. Does anyone think the combo is worth running?

Another thing I am considering is running Kozilek in the deck. It hasn't happened yet, but this deck could easily loose to itself by drawing too many cards. It does run a Laboratory Maniac but if you aren't able to get the Lab Man out in time it could be disastrous.



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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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