Why cast spells when you can just flip the bottom of your deck? This deck is designed to abuse grenzo to cheat out random creatures and keep everyone on their toes. It has three jank infinite combos. 1. grenzo + murderous rider + ashnod's = infinite etb and death triggers, makes infinite mana with pitiless plunderer or spawn of ulamog. 2. grenzo + the cauldron of eternity + other things = weird stuff. Infinite mana with anything that makes at least 3 mana on etb and a sac outlet, infinite death triggers with ashnod's, etc. 3. grenzo + ashnod's + epitaph golem + any creature that makes at least 2 tokens on etb = infinite mana = have your entire deck on the field an infinite number of times at instant speed. Besides these combos grenzo can also win through damage by way of master of cruelties, tree of perdition, furystoke giant, gary, and deathbringer thoctar/goblin sharpshooter.


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