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The Discarded Jar o' Pickles

Modern* Discard Mono-Black


This wonderfully fun and definitely not soul-rending deck can be likened to lantern control if it ran more stupid crap and made you discard your hand every three seconds. The deck gains its name from the wicked witch of the pickles, Thoughtpicker Witch, who lets your opponent enjoy the wonders of never drawing the cards that they need. When coupled with such trusty discard effectors as Augur of Skulls, Wrench Mind and Whispers of Emrakul, the deck allows you to rapidly assume control of the game, make your opponent hate you and hopefully win. Just to note, the name just refers to what differs this from other discard decks, the witch. The witch isn't actually the main part of the deck, though.

If you want to play a budget version of the deck, just change up the sideboard. The average cost of a single card in the sideboard of this thing is probably equal to the cost of most of the mainboard (excluding Bitterblossom and Phyrexian Obliterator).


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