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The devil's claim to fame

Modern Aggro BR (Rakdos) Burn


There are some decks out and about that use Vexing Devil and Claim / Fame to great effect, this is my slightly more budget version crafted to my meta. A lot of the cards are the same, from Lightning Bolt Terminate Bump in the Night Monastery Swiftspear and the ones mentioned so far so I will spend a little more time explaining my substitutions. Spike Jester is much less expensive than Goblin Guide and can actually get more damage in over the course of a couple turns. Incinerate and Hungry Flames take the places of Boros Charm and Lava Spike, yes they either do less damage or cost more to cast, but also cost considerably less to purchase. The last card the other versions I have seen run is Lightning Helix and for my meta Blightning seemed to be a better choice. The card advantage is great and it still hits the face for 3. Fetch lands and shock lands would improve my mana base, but this is very consistent as is and while Canyon Slough comes in tapped I have found the option to cycle to be invaluable thus far. The sideboard runs some extra reach with damage from Shock and Collective Brutality. Duress and Collective Brutality allow us some hand disruption to deal with problems before they are problems. Relic of Progenitus is brought in for grave hate and By Force is against afginity. Please note the upgrades I have mentioned I am not able to purchase at this time, so suggesting them won't do any good for anyone.


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