A plague has hit modern! I have been playing various versions of this deck since I cracked my first pack fresh Griselbrand years ago and pretty much since modern became a format.

Please allow me to introduce you to GrisleStorm!

Although not an actual “Storm” deck this pilots in a similar way and is extremely effective... also it’s much faster than actual Storm. Basically you draw and discard your beat stick Griselbrand into the graveyard with cards like Faithless Looting, or Izzet Charm then Goryo's Vengeance a big smash to victory drawing up Fury of the Horde, to do it again and again. Kolaghan's Command is huge in here, because it can nail a pesky artifact that may be hating on the grave, or Ensnaring Bridge our attack, or even shocking a blocker while giving us a chance to discard Griselbrand on our opponents end step.

Our sideboard is designed to evade control, fast aggro, combo, burn, and discard, with Pact of Negation which we will have no need to pay for next turn, Remand to play a bit of a tempo game, and Apostle's Blessing for Path to Exile or evading flying blockers.

Very few decks in modern can out race this. The hardest match ups are burn, taxes, and control so the sideboard is designed to help with of those types of match ups... burn you just gotta race game 1, because this build uses its life as a resource for its land base and drawing cards.

This is actually capable of a turn 1 win. It isn't the most likely of opening hands, but it does happen from time to time:
1-2xSimian Spirit Guide, Faithless Looting, a black mana source, and one or more of the combo (Griselbrand, or Goryo's Vengeance). This is the turn 1 kill hand, and what happens is you drop an untapped black, ditch a simian to cast faithless, draw into a what you need if it's not already in your hand (Griselbrand, second Simian, or Goryo's) discard Griselbrand and Goryo's him back with the black source and the second Simian... game over

This deck will consistently win on or before turn 5. Statistically the combo comes down on turn 3 most often. Yes Rest in Peace can effectively end us which is why we pack a few tricks up our sleeve for games 2 and 3.

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Added Thing in the Ice  Flip to the main and a playset of Manamorphose which helps trigger thing faster and mana fixes when need be off a Simian Spirit Guide or when we are short on black

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