... for they never rest.

Zombies - You Just Can't Get Rid of Them

Slitherhead , Nether Traitor , Bloodghast and Gravecrawler are our creatures to sacrifice. Bubbling Cauldron , and Lotleth Troll give us reason to sacrifice them.

Grisly Salvage and, Bone Splinters give more utility to our sacrificial creatures and then we have Ghoulcaller's Chant to fish them out and do it all over again.

Vengevine is a very nice card to bury with our Grisly Salvage, Bringing it back on the same turn with 2 one drops and swinging with it is pretty sexy. The only downside is that Aether Vial doesn't proc his ability.

Gray Merchant of Asphodel can be a game winner by turn 4.This deck has been a lot of fun.

Big Thanks to scruffie, CurdBrosBrewingCo, user:v4v3


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