This deck is named The Da Vinci Code because of how much of a puzzle it was (and IS) to put together.

In theory, this is at it's core a Kaalia, Zenith Seeker deck. I feel like demons & angels offer a bit more than dragons and so I settled on Orzhov splashing red. With the card advantage that she offers, as well as a few tricks up the sleeve, this decks main goal is to gradually out-value and overcome the opponent by playing huge/must answer threats.

As far as the threats are concerned, With a low mana curve, a relevant creature type, and an interesting ability Embodiment of Agonies immediately caught my eye. What with each one of our creatures demanding removal, filling up our yard is not tough. Losing a card to thought erasure, having a big bomb countered, or even pitching a card with Rix Maadi Reveler can feed the beast. Designing the deck around both Kaalia and EoA has proven to be challenging, but this card is preforming better than I originally thought that it would.

Just because the deck performs a bit better with cards in the yard, that does not mean we want them to stay there! That is where Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord comes into play. Use him to re-trigger Kaalia, get another draw with a rix, or just sacrifice him to get one more four drop out from the yard onto the field. That and the lifelink clause is incredibly strong in today's meta. The addition of Nightmare Shepherd gives the deck a bit more resiliency and helps squeeze a bit more value out of your ETB's.

End of the day, the removal is what I feel could use the biggest tune up, so If you have any suggestions, please drop a comment down below. (remember that the mana costs are split up so as to get the most out of Embodiment of Agonies).

Enjoy the list and thanks for checking it out,


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