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The Cursed Fog

Standard TurboFog



So for awhile now ive been trying to make a curse deck. After many revisions, I think I have came up with a deck that seems to flow good and stalls long enough with the same mechanic that Turbo-Fog uses...Fog

The point of a Curse deck is the get out Curse of Misfortunes and start the process of gettings curses to kill your opponent. Well first I tried to ramp up quickly and that just didnt seem to work as you die too fast to aggro. With Fog cards, you can stall till turn 5 to get out your curses.

What I like about this deck is that every card will survive rotation and completly building this deck from scratch will cost under $20!

Try it out and tell me what you think? Its not going to win a PTQ but it will do wonders at your FNM with the element of surprise.

I havent developed a sideboard for this deck yet. I just wanted to get this deck out there for everyone to see and get everyones opinion on the deck.

Dual Lands might help the deck but I havent tested it with them. Lands how they are some how just work.

Altar's Reap can be switched to Bone Splinters but I prefer the draw ability. They are basically in there to sac Bitterheart Witch .


Any feedback is much appreciated!



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