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Looking for a cheesy deck to take to FNM, and loved the interaction between Curse of Exhaustion and Possibility Storm. Thought I'd jam the Assemble the Legion, Descent into Madness combo in there too as an alternate win-con and also WHY THE HELL NOT.

It's basically the two combos (also Assemble the Legion really helps you close out games) with a whole ton of removal and then Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts comes along and mops up after you've locked out their hand.

Dreadbore is the only sorcery in the deck for when you really need to kill something and Possibility Storm is threatening to spoil that. Likewise Teysa is the only creature. The instants all do very similar things, which is great when the storm is being a detriment to you too.

It's a blast to play, try it out at your local FNM for something completely out of left field!


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