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I'm making a singleton cube of the worst cards in magic. The cube is done, but feel free to make suggestions. I've cut many cards that just do lifegain like Juju Bubble and Bargain because they make matches take a lot longer, and i've cut cards that do nothing, like Melting and Great Wall. Do not suggest cards that need multiple of the same card, even though many of those fit the criteria of the Cube.
Do not suggest Vanilla creatures (unless they're really, really bad)

Thank you Homelands, Kamigawa, and Legends for having so many bad cards.

I already made an actual cube version here:
But it is alot easier to look at and edit in deck format.


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I'm going to start removing most sources of non-creature lifegain, since they'll just make the games take longer.

R.I.P. Bargain, you awful, awful card.

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