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This deck is built around Sharuum the Hegemon and using cards like Phyrexian Metamorph the Sculpting Steel to combo the hell out of the board. Almost every wincon included involves a combo of some sort, and as such, I anticipate this deck will get me a lot of hate. Maybe even a punch in the face, who knows?

As this deck is heavily combo-dependant, I've included a plethora of control cards such as counterspells and bounce to help complete combos and keep the board the way I want it. I've also tossed in several mana friendly cards to get my power pool how I need it to fire off said combos. Lastly, to increase the hatred I've tossed in a bunch of draw and destruction, because me having options while my opponents have none is something I'm all about.

Capsize- Counterspell- Cyclonic Rift- Dromar's Charm - Hinder - Hindering Light - Pact of Negation- Render Silent- Spell Crumple- Undermine - Venser, Shaper Savant
Consecrated Sphinx- Demonic Tutor- Enlightened Tutor- Fabricate- Mystical Tutor- Phyrexian Arena- Reshape - Rhystic Study- Rune-Scarred Demon- Tezzeret the Seeker - Thirst for Knowledge- Trinket Mage- Vampiric Tutor
Aura of Silence - Austere Command- Dispeller's Capsule - Oblivion Stone- Path to Exile- Plague Wind - Sunscour - Swords to Plowshares- Vindicate- Wrath of God
Darksteel Ingot- Everflowing Chalice - Expedition Map- Mana Vault- Solemn Simulacrum- Sol Ring- Talisman of Dominance- Talisman of Progress- Wayfarer's Bauble
This list is by no means a complete one. Just some examples.


The Maybeboard is for cards I want to put in, but am not sure what to remove for them.

My goal with this deck is to make it as competitive as possible while staying under a budget of $500. Eventually, this budget will increase as I replace cards with better ones (and include more fetch lands). I plan on playing this deck publicly, and I want to win. To achieve this, I need some help. If you'd like to suggest a card to include, also tell me what to take out for it. As always, +1 if you like.


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