Cromat has always had a soft-spot in my heart (he's eating polar bears) and because I have been playing the game for a long time I have the lands to support 5-colour, so why not?

I used to call this 5-colour good stuff, but I realized that although the deck uses a lot of powerful cards, I specifically avoid degenerate combos. The ultimate plan is a nice consistent overall power level and a commander damage kill with the man. I am constantly swapping cards in and out when I want to try something new, so let's call it 5-colour fun stuff (haven't you ever wanted to Door to Nothingness someone on one turn and then fire off a giant Last Stand the next?).

You mana fix and ramp, playing out whatever fun spells the deck gives to you. Because of the variety of spells the deck is very resilient and can usually find an answer to any board state. Cromat himself is just as resilient; make sure you always leave mana open to protect him with his abilities when he is on the board. You've got exalted triggers to make him bigger and a couple ways to give him double-strike.

Always happy for suggestions and +1's, thanks for looking!



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