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This deck has undergone a few iterations so far. Hunted Phantasm Noble with Netherborn Phalanx , Illness in the Ranks, and Thunderstaff uncommons.

The main combo is Hunted Phantasm + Blood Seeker/Suture Priest with some kind of token hate i.e. Illness in the Ranks, Thunderstaff, Echoing Truth. Bouncing the Phantasm back to your hand just adds to the fun!

Hunted Phantasm - The beautiful animal. The destroyer of worlds. With the combo he can do 5 damage entering the field and 4 unblockable each turn in addition to tanking anything your opponent can throw out by turn 3.

Blood Seeker, Suture Priest - Turn tokens into bombs. The more the merrier.

Netherborn Phalanx - If for some strange reason your cow is out of commission this horror can win the game just entering the field. Also he tutors all the 6 CMC creatures.

AEthersnipe , Crawling Filth , Jhessian Zombies , Sanctum Plowbeast - 6 CMC. Expensive. But they do other things too! I just had to make Crawling Filth playable...

Illness in the Ranks, Thunderstaff - Token hate. Thunderstaff is just all around useful for defense and offense

Apostle's Blessing, Condescend , Echoing Truth, Into the Roil , Vapor Snag, Duress, Niveous Wisps, Inside Out - Did somebody say control?

Preordain, Condescend , Inside Out , Niveous Wisps, Into the Roil - Card draw. In a combo heavy deck you need the right cards at the right time!

Had fun making this deck. I'm getting more used to tri-colour :)


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