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The Combo Mill




I usually don't build decks, but when I do, they got to be fun.

Let's go over the deck:

Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank - 60 life and infinite mill combo

How can we activate it, you might ask? Thewre are two ways:

  • Dealing 1 damage
  • Milling only one card away

Ways to dig for the combo:

Cards to activate the combo and win?

Ways to protect the combo:

Ancient Tomb - We really need the early, but not so much later. This is the perfvect solution.

Wastes - In case we never make it to the city

Watery Grave, Underground River, Polluted Delta - Fixing

Strip Mine - Land hate, especially for tron

The best upgrades I could recommend are more fetches, City of Traitors, and Underground Sea. These lands will easily fix the manabase further, but with the most expensive costing over $100 each really makes you question their worth.

Turn 1: Ancient Tomb, Mindcrank

Turn 2: Dual land, Cantrip

Turn 3: Another dual, Duskmantle Guildmage

Turn 4: Win


  • Use cantrips to set up your draws
  • Use Apostle's Blessings heavily, you need to keep the guildmage alive at all costs


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