So I'm attempting to make a mono-green deck that I enjoy playing. Typically I'm an anti-green player since I'm not keen on the rigid style of play that green usually creates. It's almost always ramp ramp ramp which takes up quite a few slots in the deck and always plays the same way.

What I'm looking for in this deck is something more versatile and creative. I have a bunch of mass damage spells, ways to cheat in creatures, a bit of trickery against flying creatures, and some unusual card ideas. Most players won't expect damage dealing spells, board wipes or lots of card draw from a green player.

Any suggestions or deck shares welcome. With so many cards to sort through I'm always interested in unusual spells to play and since green is my least played color I don't have as much experience with the potential synergies that would work in this deck. There aren't really any combos in the deck, and Seedborn Muse can stay in the binder where it belongs.


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