shirei, shizo's cartaker was a card that I could see lots of value in. With Sacrificing and using death and ETB triggers to my advantage whenever I need them, I’m rarely left without an answer.

Being how potent Shirei is. He can be targeted often as a threat. So, with plenty of ways to bring him out of the grave yard, it’s not to often you end up paying any commander tax.

Shirei himself is not an amazing fighter, there will be very little fighting at all in this line up. With cards like Blood Artist and Zulaport Cutthroat accompanied by a sac outlet, on each turn you can peel away life from all your opponents and gain life in return.

There isn’t to many combos or well everything can be a combo. As long as Shirei is on the field a combo is bound to happen.

There is however one infinite combo. Coretapper + Magistrate's Scepter = Infinite turns

Coretapper for a counter and place that on Magistrate's Scepter, sacrifice Coretapper for 2 more counters, Magistrate's Scepter take an extra turn, Rinse and Repeat.

The synergy of the deck isn’t fill out the ranks with 1/1 creatures. It’s setting them creatures up for some fun.

Jar of Eyeballs - One of the most interesting cards in the deck and I think one of the most powerful cards is Jar of Eyeballs. Having creatures to kill off and in turn creating counters for this card, before you know it. Your digging in your library for “ANY CARD” to play against your opponents.

Big Game Hunter - Some People like playing big creatures like dinosaurs or dragons, well Big Game Hunter is a quick fix to anything 4 power and over. So much for playing big creatures.

Open the Graves – Since we are killing our creatures why not double up with adding more creatures open the grave is a massive token generator.

With all this recursion what can stop us from reeking our havoc? Well grave hate… if we can't use our graveyards then we can’t play. Exile HURTS so bad. Rest in Peace oh and Mimic Vat watch out for them show stoppers.
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